What It’s Like to Move to Lenox, MA

There are a lot of things that make Lenox, Massachusetts a distinct town. Besides the sizeable population, the town boasts several attractions that attract many tourists every year. This small town in Massachusetts, Berkshire County has a population of about 5,000 residents, and demand for Berkshire homes and condos in Lenox is booming. Fortunately, Home Sweet Home can help with your real estate search and assist you in finding your dream home.

Lenox MA History

Lenox was incorporated in 1767, and was once referred to as “a hideous, howling wilderness” where wealthy New Yorkers often spent their summer holidays. A building spree occurred and by 1900, huge summer cottages colored the rolling hills of this great Massachusetts town. 

Over a century later, most of the cottages have either disappeared or have been turned into museums, nursing homes, hotels or condos. But despite all that, Lenox still retains its glory as a unique and quiet community. The town hosts the popular Boston Orchestra every summer at Tanglewood.

Attractions in and Near Lenox, MA

If you’ve visited Lenox before to stay and play at a golf resort, you probably know that Lenox has beautiful scenery overlooking the mountainous terrain and is dotted with modern restaurants, a nice library and elegant shops. Some of the buildings date back to 1767, when the small town was first incorporated.

Cultural Attractions in Lenox MA

If you have never heard about the concerts at Tanglewood, this historic music venue is reason enough to visit – and even better for people who make Lenox their home. Built in 1937, Tanglewood is not only the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, but also hosts concerts by some of the biggest names in classical, jazz, rock and pop music. 

Another Lenox attraction is Shakespeare and Company. Dedicated to the performance of Shakespeare plays as well as actor training and education, this theater also has beautiful grounds where you can picnic. It offers an ideal introduction to the Bard for kids and enjoyable shows for all ages. 

Norman Rockwell Museum

This is another great attraction you can find a short drive from Lenox in Stockbridge, MA. Norman Rockwell is known for making the town of Stockbridge and its residents popular with illustrations of their daily lives. This amazing museum takes visitors through Norman’s unique creative process. There are also several iconic Norman Rockwell works in the museum, including his iconic painting of a family at Thanksgiving.

Other Lenox Attractions

From art galleries to The Mount, author Edith Wharton’s home, there’s a lot to do in and around Lenox! Don’t forget to take in the incredible scenery at outdoor areas such as Pleasant Valley Sanctuary and Kennedy Park, too.

Planning to Move to Lenox, MA?

There is a reason why many people are moving to Lenox. If you are planning to relocate to Lenox or purchase property, then you stand to benefit in many ways.

The real estate industry in Lenox is ever-growing, meaning that Lenox homes for sale are in high demand. Also, many people prefer to move and stay in Lenox as they grow older instead of moving to a warmer climate. For this reason, the town installed two temporary curb extensions in collaboration with Age-Friendly Berkshires, an initiative to help make Lenox a healthier, safer place to live for all ages. 

But it’s not just older people who can benefit from the ease of getting around in Lenox. A recent survey showed that millennials prefer living in traditionally dense and accessible neighborhoods. Lenox has in the past few years embraced walkability and implemented a complete street policy, so the town is appealing to people in a wide range of demographics. 

Real estate values in Lenox are on the rise along with the increasing demand for homes, but Home Sweet Home Real Estate is intimately familiar with the kinds of real estate for sale in the Berkshires and can help you find the home that’s right for you. Contact us today to see what’s possible!